Our Bottles

Traditionally, copper water bottles have faced three major challenges that have limited their accessibility.


Problem 1: Leaky caps – Your water bottle needs a cap with a leakproof seal to keep water inside the bottle where it belongs, not leaking out onto your car seat or into your gym bag. That’s why your Saucha Soul bottles come with an FDA compliant, food-grade silicone ring manufactured in the India especially for our bottles that creates the perfect waterproof seal. We have heard from customers that the rings included with similar copper bottles can wear out after a period of time. Saucha Soul rings are guaranteed for life and will last for as long as you own your bottle.

Problem 2: Design flaws – Until recently copper water bottles were all created using two or more pieces of copper which were joined together at a seam, or joint, to create a finished bottle. The problem with this method of construction is that this joint, while usually leakproof for a while, can fail after some period of time. (We have first-hand experience with this problem after testing copper bottles ourselves in several places throughout India.) Owners of these bottles do not often realize this problem until they have owned the bottle and become used to having it. The problem usually shows up as a small drip running down the side of the bottle which people first believe is condensation or a leaky cap but is actually the bottle leaking its own contents.

We knew when designing our bottles that the possibility of leaks was not an option. That’s why Saucha Soul bottles are created with a seamless design, removing the possibility of leaks at any joint or separation between copper pieces. A first in the market, this manufacturing process that our bottles utilize eliminates leaks while at the same time creating a truly beautiful bottle crafted from a seamless surface of pure copper.

Problem 3: Price – Copper is expensive. It’s about four times more expensive than aluminum and ten times more expensive than steel. Copper bottles are often simply too expensive when compared to other bottles on the market. We are dedicated to keeping our prices fair so make copper bottles accessible for as many people as possible.

 What Makes A Good Bottle?

Chances are, you already own a reusable water bottle. And chances are, you probably have an opinion of what constitutes a good water bottle. Good water bottles can be hard to come by, even today after more than a decade of popularity. We believe that a water bottle needs these things to be considered great:

• A strong leakproof cap so your water stays inside the bottle where it belongs

Saucha Soul bottles are made with large threads that are easy to use and easy to clean. Every Saucha Soul bottle cap has an FDA-compliant, food-grade silicone ring which ensures a perfect waterproof seal. No leaks, no mess.

• A wide mouth that pours well and feels good when you drink

Saucha Soul bottles are made with a rounded lip that pours well and feels good to drink from. You will love the feeling of clean, cool copper against your mouth – there’s nothing quite like it!

• A safe and durable material that doesn’t hold taste or smells

Saucha Soul bottles are made from pure copper so your drinking water stays fresh and naturally clean. Copper is a relatively soft but very durable metal and your Saucha Soul bottle will last for generations if taken care of. Because copper naturally keeps itself clean, you don’t ever have to worry about the safety of your water bottle.

• An attractive design

Hand made with pure copper and printed with designs that represent your lifestyle, Saucha Soul bottles are more than just water bottles. They’re functional artwork. They’re conversation starters.