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Pure copper naturally alkalizes your water and deposits trace copper, a mineral needed for countless vital processes, Saucha Soul Bottles will help you to live a healthy life.


Well maintained copper lasts for generations and your Saucha Soul bottle may be the last water bottle you ever own.


Saucha Soul bottles shine with the distinct glow of 100% copper, complimented by one of several printed designs, and age gracefully into a beautiful copper patina.


We’re happy to offer Saucha Soul bottles in 100% copper, with or without thoughtful decoration, at a price that won’t break the bank.


Saucha Soul bottles are molded from a single sheet of copper – no seams or joints – with a leakproof cap made entirely of copper and a food-grade silicone seal.


Saucha Soul bottles are pieces of functional art. They’re conversation starters. They are not your average water bottle.